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What is the best for eczema cream for my face & body?

What is the best for eczema cream for my face & body?

I've had eczema ever since I can remember and flare-ups would always happen in the Winter months and could never find a solution that was best for eczema cream that I could use on both my face and body. 

The skin on my hands in particular would become dry, red, itchy, flake, crack and then bleed.

Can you say embarrassing? And don't get me started on that itch--I would have given my right arm to get rid of the itch.

Back then my so-so, my semi-relief was to apply lotion and gloves right before going to bed thinking these over-the-counter lotions I would buy just needed more time to absorb.

The problem was they never really absorbed, they just kind of... sat there, on top, and then would immediately wash off in the morning after washing my hands. Plus I'd buy sensitive face cream which was honestly a toxic sludge of ingredients.

I forgot to mention too, the skin on my hands would at times become so dry, I would literally cry as a kid because the lotion stung my skin so bad--wasn't this supposed to help my dry skin?

Hands in front of a womans face

Fast forward 20+ odd years, talking with my Grandma who had eczema and struggled with a lotion herself, I made it my mission to create something that would help her and me.

Selfish ambition lead to a natural dry & eczema solution like no other.
Okay, not entirely selfish, I really wanted to help my Grandma, and if it helped me too then win-win. We both needed something that would be the best for eczema cream that would provide relief and actually work.

I started researching at my mostly boring day job (don't tell my old boss!) when it was slow and started compiling my findings and kept seeing Mango Butter.

Woman massaging a cream into hands

Now I had heard about Shea and Cocoa Butter, but this Mango Butter was reportedly even better for eczema skin, so I knew I had to try it out for myself.

This turned into a two-year learning curve of learning how to work with Mango Butter to get the best creamy consistency possible. 

The Mango Butter calmed the awful itch instantly much to my pleasant surprise and kept my skin moisturized for hours with just one use.

I found that applying it immediately after bathing and/or handwashing in the morning and again at night kept my skin soft, smooth, healthy, and happy.

Customers started reporting their friends were asking what the secret was to their dewy-glowing skin (wait, what!?). #truestory

Woman sitting on the bed applying a hand cream

Here's the secret: keeping skin moisturized is essential to keeping flare-ups in check and preventing them from happening, with consistent, daily use.

Trust me, I've skipped a few days (just life) and my skin always starts becoming grumpy if I don't act fast.

Remember, consistent daily use, year-round is the key, to game-changing skincare results.

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