• "OK, this is amazing! I thought is was going to be greasy but it delivers just the right amount of fragrance and moisturizing properties to my hands that I wash more than 30X a day (I am a Derm PA-C). I love it for my cuticles too. A definite in your arsenal of products for focused dry skin areas."
    - Renata PA-C specializing in Dermatology, Chicago
  • "Following a recent major surgery I experienced a bad allergic reaction to the bandage adhesives. My skin around the surgery wounds was so irritated. What a relief when I was allowed to apply Rene’s sweet grove creme to the affected area! It was sooooo soothing! Thank you Rene and Steve! Love your products.❤️❤️❤️"
    - Melinda, from Walla Walla
  • "I've been using the body scrub and the body creme daily for over a year now! My skin is the softest it has ever been! I threw away all the expensive wrinkle creams I had and strictly use Rene's products! when I go in for my facials they are amazed at how soft my skin is!"
    - Debbie, from Hoquiam
  • "I’ve had that post-cold chapped lip for about a week and literally one use of this chapstick and my lips are good as new. This stuff is gold!!"
    - Maddie, from U.S.
  • "Coco Pures exfoliating moisturizers are the only product that truly works for my low thyroid dry parched skin. I have purchased ALL the combinations, they are all excellent!"
    - Stephanie, from Oregon
  • "This is pure luxury in a jar, if you use after the sugar scrub, your skin feels like silk......so good"
    - Erin, from New Zealand

Dermatologist Approved Skincare