Customer Reviews

  • "My dermatologist thought my skin was so soft. All thanks to your wonderful product. Don't want to be without it!! Thanks"
    - Marty, from Washington
  • "In Love. All my other scrubs are not even in the same league. I have only been using about two weeks and my skin hasn't felt like this in years. My skin feels soft like I am in my 20s again."
    - Gwendolyn, from Seattle
  • "Citrus coconut moisturizer is my all time favorite! I love the orange and coconut scents on my face, neck, chest and even backs of my hands. It keeps the fine lines plump all day!"
    - Donya, from Washington State
  • "The only thing for my dry skin. This Limited Edition Exfoliator smells like the autumn/ holidays with the same excellent moisturizing."
    - Suzanne, from Washington
  • "I love the sugar scrubs! I have eczema on my hands, and it's just about the only thing that will relieve the itch without damaging my skin. The layer of protection from the coconut oil helps keep my hands from getting too dry, and it smells good, too."
    - Erin, from Washington State
  • "I love this product so much. My skin hates me when i don't have it. The scrubs are all perfectly blended with scents that wake up your senses and leave your skin hydrated without being greasy. Best stuff ever."
    - Jaclyn, from Florida
  • "AWESOME PRODUCT! The Moisturizing Exfoliator is a must have here in hot dry Arizona. Questions answered promptly delivery quick. This product is amazing and my skin loves it. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Company!"
    - Laura, from Arizona
  • " Such a clean smell! I love this product! I don't wear perfume often because it is just too heavy a smell for me. This is perfect! Such a light, natural, fresh clean scent!"
    - Michelle, from Washington State
  • "THE BEST MOISTURIZER I am absolutely in love with this body creme. I use it daily and it has been so healing for my dry skin this winter. I love that I am able to use it on my face too! Every night before bed! It’s definitely going to be a year round staple for my skin care routine."
    - Julie, from Washington State
  • "Amazing! Love this chapstick, it so silky smooth!! My lips love it!!! I have one in every pocket of every coat and in my car!!"
    - Debbie, from Washington State

Skin Care Solutions Created out of Necessity

co-owner, Rene' used to suffer from chronically dry, cracked and eczema-like skin

on her hands. With the help of her husbands Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies, together they created several solutions to the problem.

Dermatologist & Pediatrician Approved

for daily use face-to-toes and for infants as young as 18 months old