• "Following a recent major surgery I experienced a bad allergic reaction to the bandage adhesives. My skin around the surgery wounds was so irritated. What a relief when I was allowed to apply Rene’s sweet grove creme to the affected area! It was sooooo soothing! Thank you Rene and Steve! Love your products.❤️❤️❤️"
    - Melinda, from Walla Walla
  • "I've been using the body scrub and the body creme daily for over a year now! My skin is the softest it has ever been! I threw away all the expensive wrinkle creams I had and strictly use Rene's products! when I go in for my facials they are amazed at how soft my skin is!"
    - Debbie, from Hoquiam
  • "Gorgeous scent! Perfect for Christmas gifts!!"
    - Gwendolyn, from California
  • "OK, this is amazing! I thought is was going to be greasy but it delivers just the right amount of fragrance and moisturizing properties to my hands that I wash more than 30X a day (I am a Derm PA-C). I love it for my cuticles too. A definite in your arsenal of products for focused dry skin areas."
    - Renata PA-C specializing in Dermatology, Chicago
  • "I’ve had that post-cold chapped lip for about a week and literally one use of this chapstick and my lips are good as new. This stuff is gold!!"
    - Maddie, from U.S.
  • "The bag is awesome! It’s big and you can put lots of stuff in it. And super cute! The cinnamon cassia and coconut scrub smells like french toast. The spoon will keep wasted out of your products , and the washcloth is very soft."
    - Carla, from Aberdeen
  • "Coco Pures exfoliating moisturizers are the only product that truly works for my low thyroid dry parched skin. I have purchased ALL the combinations, they are all excellent!"
    - Stephanie, from Oregon
  • "This is pure luxury in a jar, if you use after the sugar scrub, your skin feels like silk......so good"
    - Erin, from New Zealand
  • "This spoon is sturdy, high quality, and the perfect size for getting enough product to wash your face with. I like that I don’t get water in the product now, and I’m betting I’ll use less now that I can easily control the amount I’m scooping out. Great addition!"
    - Anna, from Olympia
  • "I just tried this new bamboo wash cloth last night and I know I’ll be using it daily after washing with my moisturizing exfoliators—it’s suuuuuper soft, very absorbent, dries quickly, and is the perfect size for your face. Along with the new luxury spoons, my Pure & Coco beauty routine has just been elevated even more!"
    - Anna, from U.S.

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