• "Skin lifesaver! I have to say, I joyfully opened the box and was taken right to Hawaii!!! I am so glad to have a restock so my skin feels wonderful again and I smell like the beach everyday!"
    - Katie, from Colorado
  • "Total Game-Changer! This exfoliator totally revolutionized my skincare routine, replacing at least five products! I use it daily as a makeup remover/cleanser/moisturizer on my face and I’ve been amazed at how soft my skin is! I can’t wait to try more Pure + Coco, their customer service is top notch and their products feel clean and smell amazing."
    - Kaeli, from Washington
  • "OK, this is amazing! I thought is was going to be greasy but it delivers just the right amount of fragrance and moisturizing properties to my hands that I wash more than 30X a day (I am a Derm PA-C). I love it for my cuticles too. A definite in your arsenal of products for focused dry skin areas."
    - Renata PA-C specializing in Dermatology, Chicago
  • "Amazing! My legs have been so dry since we moved to a higher, dryer climate. This product is incredible. I use it after the exfoliator and my legs stay moisturized all day and even when I wake up in the morning! Love it!!!"
    - Jackie, from Washington
  • "My after shower go to!! I have been using Sweet Grove Creme for over a year now and I'm obsessed. It goes on smoothly, leaving my skin feeling super soft, with a very pleasant scent. I like to use it after using the vanilla or ylang ylang scrub for an extra shot of moisture! So luxurious!"
    - Ann Marie, from Washington
  • "This is pure luxury in a jar, if you use after the sugar scrub, your skin feels like silk......so good"
    - Erin, from New Zealand

Soft, Glowing Skin, Naturally

for dry, eczema & maturing skin