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How to prevent dry, flaking and eczema-flare ups for soft, smooth & glowing skin, naturally.

Woman holding a jar of Capri 5-in-1 Sugar Scrub wearing a bathing suit

How To Get Skin Ready for Summer collab with Jessica Rey Swimwear

Swimsuit season is here and we've got the tool to make you feel confident in your skin this summer!

I'm excited to share that I've teamed up with my favorite swimwear designer, Jessica Rey. Her entire swimwear line is inspired by Audrey Hepburn (I'm a fellow fan girl too). The quality of the swimsuits is unparalleled, and she has sizes for every body shape.

Jessica Rey and I teamed up to make a clean, natural, moisturizing 5-in-1 face and body scrub to prep and get skin ready for summer and of course swimsuit season.

Audrey Hepburn herself had gorgeous glowing skin and this is the tool to get you there too and fast.

With winter gone and spring here, we want not only to shed our sweaters, winter coats, and long socks but also our dead, dull, lackluster skin too.

How does the skin transform into that condition anyway? The reason is every day our bodies create and shed thousands of dead skin cells, but unless you physically remove that old layer of dull skin cells laying on the surface of your skin, no amount of lotions or serums can fully soak into your skin giving you that gorgeous natural glow.

Sugar is touted for being gentle on the skin, even sensitive skin types love a good sugar scrub, especially when it's paired with Organic Coconut Oil (bonus, it's cold pressed so the oil still has all its vitamins and nutrients intact to further benefit your skin).

Model holding a Capri scented Moisturizing Exfoliator by Pure and Coco and Jessica Rey

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The sugar removes the layer of dull, dead skin cells and the organic coconut oil absorbs deep into your skin, leaving you feeling irresistibly silky smooth and, you guessed it, glowing and youthful-looking skin too. 

Try it one time and you'll be hooked; plus your skin will reward you with this skin ready for summer in one jar, product.

But these are called a 5-in-1? What else can they do? Glad you asked!

You already know they exfoliate and moisturize. They're also safe to use on the face as a face wash, makeup, and waterproof mascara remover and for shaving.

Yes, shaving. It's a lifesaver because the sugar melts down into the coconut oil and gives you an incredibly smooth, close shave minus all the skin irritation post-shave. 

Woman applying a sugar scrub (pure and coco) to her legs in a bathing suit by jessica rey

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Shave your underarms, bikini area (make sure to apply the Moisturizing Exfoliator with the hair growth), and of course your legs. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry--most customers have reported skipping the need for lotion afterward! #amazing

Let's not forget about the feet, shall we?

Do they need a good scrub before heading out to the beach, or a quick touch-up in between pedicures? Simply sit on the edge of the tub or at your shower stool, grab a pumice stone and massage the Moisturizing Exfoliator onto wet feet until the sugar melts, and gently massage the pumice stone on your feet as desired.

Capri 5-in-1 Moisturizing Exfoliator by Pure and Coco and Jessica Rey brands

Fun fact: The Capri scent was inspired by Jessica Rey's trips to Italy, hence the name and the light custom-made scent are from pure essential oils.

Want long-lasting smooth, glowing skin year-round? Use daily, every other day, or at least once a week (depending on your skin's needs), and remember a little bit goes a long way. For best results, store and use while in the shower or bath.

Click here to purchase the Capri, 5-in-1 Moisturizing Exfoliator today to get your skin on the fast track to smooth and glowing this summer.

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