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How to Soften Hard Sugar Scrubs. Why It Became Hard, and How to Still Use Your Scrub.



Cold drafts, sitting on a window sill, hiding in the bathroom cupboard, or worse yet in a cold dark corner under your bathroom sink can cause this to happen.

Or maybe you just received your Moisturizing Exfoliator and you're excited to use it only to discover... it's rock-hard. Not to worry, it's pretty simple to soften hard sugar scrubs.

Fear not, this is completely normal behavior of Coconut oil. Especially Virgin Coconut oil (what's used in your product) will become hard because of its high-fat content (very good for your skin).

Simply heat it back up by placing the jar in a bowl of warm water for 3-5 minutes or until soft.

To maintain its soft consistency, keep your jar in your bathroom by the sink or in the shower near the showerhead (just remember to be careful when stepping in and out of your shower).

For even easier use of your product, use a skincare spoon (make sure it's stainless steel for hygiene and ease of washing) specifically for the Moisturizing Exfoliators.

They help you control the amount of product you scoop out each time and keep your nails clean and your manicures looking nice longer since you won't be using your fingertips anymore.

Keep this handy tip in mind for the next time you need to soften hard sugar scrubs or simply keep a skincare spoon with your product.

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