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How to prevent dry, flaking and eczema-flare ups for soft, smooth & glowing skin, naturally.

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How to Naturally Treat Dry, Eczema Skin Without Using Steroid Creams

Ever since I was a young child I can remember suffering from the skin on my hands drying out to the point of flaking, cracking, and red patches from itching, and then bleeding.

My "solution" for years was to wear gloves and lotion to bed, but that never fully helped to moisturize my skin.

This would happen to me every single Winter. The problem I didn't know then was I needed to remove the barrier of dead skin cells blocking the moisture from absorbing.

In fact, I can vividly remember crying as a child because the lotion I would use (anything from the local, nationwide store) probably had alcohol in it.

Back then I didn't know how important it was to read the labels on the skincare products I was using. 



With the help of my husband's bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies, he revealed to me the importance of using only natural products on the skin and just how bad the chemicals and toxins that are used in a lot of beauty products are.

First I tried using straight coconut oil on my skin thinking this is what my skin needed. "This is it!"

But it still wasn't absorbing into my skin like I so desperately needed, in fact, it would just sit on top of my skin, on my face, and get into my eyes causing them to get red and irritated. Not the solution I was looking for.

I then realized I needed to remove the dull, dead skin cells, and then the coconut oil would absorb them.

So I started experimenting, testing, tweaking, adjusting--I also experimenting with how I could use the product. I wanted something that I could use head-to-toe and would replace a lot of everyday products that I needed. 

I couldn't get over how soft my skin felt. It had n e v e r felt like this before and honestly, I couldn't stop feeling how smooth it felt.

I stuck with it and used it daily, two times a day and after about a month of doing this treatment for my hands, my co-workers started to see a difference in my hands and asked what I was doing.

I started making samples and giving them out to anyone who would try them in exchange for their feedback.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and they too loved how versatile the product was. Better yet, customers have reported being able to stop using steroid creams and switch to this remedy to naturally treat dry, eczema skin.

Another example, my daughter was only 15 months old, I noticed she started having dry skin symptoms similar to what I used to have and used the Flora Face & Body Creme on her skin to help.

During her routine checkup, I told her pediatrician about the dry skin she was experiencing, and after checking the spots the Pediatrician said, "keep doing that, otherwise we'd recommend a steroid creme". The benefit of using these to naturally treat dry, eczema skin is there are no unwanted side effects, that are usually associated with steroid creams.

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That was seven years ago, and the product I'm talking about is our Moisturizing Exfoliators.

They're a body scrub made with sugar to gently remove dull, dead skin cells and moisturize with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil leaving your skin silky smooth and soft--never oily.

They're Dermatologist approved for daily use and can be safely used on your face (even sensitive skin types like myself) makeup and waterproof mascara remover, and shaving oil, once the sugar melts down.

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