How I Treated the Eczema On My Hands

Ever since I can remember, in the Winter months my hands would dry out to the point they would flake, crack and then bleed. My "solution" at the time was to wear a heaping amount of lotion and gloves to bed. Which never really helped.

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I started researching and testing out different methods--long story short, I ended up creating a product that helped treat the eczema on my hands.

From my research and testing, I realized that the barrier of dead skin cells was blocking any kind of moisturizer from absorbing into my skin.

I ended up created a line of body Exfoliators (aka Moisturizing Exfoliators) that gently sweep away dead skin cells and moisturize at the same time, you can wash your face, take your makeup off and shave with it (bonus shaving with it significantly minimizes any irritation caused from shaving).

Woman applying a body exfoliator to her arm while in the shower

The best part of all, it holds up through hand washing for a good 24-hours.

Customers have said their Dermatologists raved about the results and approved of the use on their faces, even those with Rosacea.


Shop the six different scents (each one works the same it's just a scent preference) of body exfoliators here.

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