How Do You Get Rid of Flaky Skin on the Legs?

How Do You Get Rid of Flaky Skin on the Legs?

With summer here, does wearing shorts, dresses or a swimsuit sound great until you remember, your legs always become so dry, they're flaky?

You slather on lotion, everyday after you shower and granted your skin smells incredible and maybe even looks moisturized and smooth at first, but within an hour the results just aren't what you're looking for--or expect.

For years I'd use shaving cream, shave my legs rinse and dry off my legs, post shower. Only to have later that day, the itchiest knees ever. I'm talking I'd itch them bloody and trust me they drove me nuts.

But did you know that the ingredients in shaving creams, and lotions could be making your dry skin worse?

Crazy, but true. The cause of your symptoms could be one of these ingredients: alcohol, water, or acritical fragrances. 

Water, although great if your drinking it, doesn't hep your skin retain or keep moisture on it.

Alcohol is drying to the skin and can burn if you have any cuts, or skin cracks.

Artificial fragrances can contain a plethora of unknown ingredients, because companies legally don't have to list what's in said fragrances according to U.S. regulations.

The good news, you can easily remedy and prevent dry, flaky skin from happening on your legs, arms, elbows, face or anywhere you experience it.

All you need is the 5-in-1 Moisturizing Exfoliator which helps remove dry, flaky skin gently with it's sugar crystals and organic coconut oil to absorb and moisturize skin instantly. It's a 1-2 punch for dry, flaky skin.

The trick is to be SUPER consistent, either by using the product every single day, or every other day.

Since it is sugar based for the scrub, it's gentle, yet effective on sensitive skin, and won't burn if you encounter any cuts, scrapes, or cracked skin areas.

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