Healing Lip Balms

Healing Lip Balms

These lip balms were made for talking (did you sing that in your head too?).
Anyway, pun intended, these lip balms were created to be long-lasting, super moisturizing and healing for dry lips.
Thoughtfully curated, vegan ingredients
When making the switch to clean, natural, vegan products I want to make the transition as easy as possible-these lip balms are no exception.
A step above the rest
woman holding a moisturizing coconut lip balm
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With carefully chosen ingredients, known for their healing and moisturizing properties, these lip balms pack a vitamin punch for even the most parched lips.

They go on thick (but not sticky), leaving your lips feeling super, smooth and moisturized. They hold up through eating and drinking without needing to constantly reapply.
Each scent (flavor) moisturizes the same...

No need to worry if one moisturizes better than the other, all the scents have the same amount of moisturizer built into them.

variety lip balms by pure and coco

You only need to decide which "flavor" (not to worry, only essential oils are used) is going to help your dry lips the best. They all work the same!
Keep one close by
In your nightstand, car, purse, medicine cabinet, work-desk, and gym bag. You never know when you're lips will need a quick pick-me-up of intense moisture.


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