Winter Skin Quiz:

How to prevent dry, flaking and eczema-flare ups for soft, smooth & glowing skin, naturally.

Exfoliant Myths You Should Stop Believing by Pure and Coco

[Video] Exfoliant Myths You Should Stop Believing

 MYTH #1 [never exfoliate dry/eczema skin] 


True Story: Based on my own personal experience and thousands of customers at this point, what you use to exfoliate your skin makes a huge difference. 


Stick with exfoliators that have gentle ingredients to help your skin repair itself, it may sound counterintuitive but it really helps make the biggest difference in the look, texture, and feel of your skin. 


Another perk of exfoliating is when you put a moisturizer on afterward it absorbs way better into your skin, instead of just sitting topically.


MYTH #2 [Exfoliate only 1-2x a week] 

Truth: Maybe if it’s salt, in which case if you have dry/eczema skin I’d steer clear of this because it’s going to harm your skin more than help it. 

Instead, you want to use something like these Moisturizing Exfoliators made with sugar and coconut oil to keep dry, flaky skin from building up, and your skin consistently moisturized and hydrated with daily, or at minimum every other day usage. 

By being consistent you’ll avoid the roller coaster of skin looking great, then it’s grumpy flaring up between uses. #consistencyiskey 

MYTH #3 [If it leaves your skin irritated afterward then it’s working] 

Truth: Why do we believe the lie that it’s only working, or must be working if it irritates our skin, makes it red, or even scabby? 

When in fact, gentle methods can be as effective or even better for this skin type? 

I used to use lotions that would sting so bad, I’d cry and it never helped improve my skin. 

MYTH #4 [Exfoliators leave your skin dry, rubbery, tight, itchy, etc. after] 

Truth: Okay, there may be some truth to this statement, with OTHER brands. 

Instead, what you want to look for are exfoliators made with sugar and oil and very few other ingredients to avoid irritating your skin further. 

These Moisturizing Exfoliators were created specifically for dry, eczema skin (that’s what I have too) and with sugar, it gently exfoliates dry, eczema skin and with just the right amount of organic coconut oil it deeply moisturizes, nourishes, and hydrates the skin.

Many customers have left reviews online raving about how they “don’t have to put on a lotion afterward”. #amazing

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