Dry Hands From All The Hand Washing? These Tips Will Help.

With the extra emphasis on handwashing lately, your hands are probably becoming dry, tight, itching or even cracking.

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If you notice your skin is becoming irritated *don’t* ignore the signs—the faster you take action the better off your skin will be.

Always use tepid water while washing with soap, rub hands dry (without a towel) or let them air dry whenever possible and apply a high-quality lotion or creme immediately after to lock in moisture.

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Avoid lotions and cremes with alcohol or fragrances in them (to make a few) to avoid irritating your skin further.

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Repeat as needed.

According to npr.com:

"How To Master The 20-Second Hand-Wash

The thing is, many people don't wash their hands correctly. They may think 10 seconds is enough. Nope. They may just rub a little soap between the palms and ignore other parts of the hand. And if you do a slipshod job, the coronavirus pathogens will still be on your hands when you're done. And if you touch your hands to your face — as humans do about 200 times a day — those pathogens can infect you via eyes, nose or mouth.

It doesn't matter whether the water is warm or cold, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains on its website. And antibacterial soap works just as well as regular soap. But running water is key, since standing water could be contaminated.

You need to clean the areas between your fingers, as well as your thumb and the backs of your hands, Dr. Mark Gendreau, the chief medical officer at Beverly Hospital in Massachusetts, told NPR. Scratch your palms in order "to scrub the fingertips and to get some soap under the initial part of the nail," he adds.

Wash for at least 20 seconds — singing the "Happy Birthday" song twice or the alphabet song at a reasonable pace will usually get you to that benchmark."

For severely dry, cracking and eczema skin follow this simple & effective routine immediately for best results: 

Step 1: Apply moisturizing sugar scrub daily to hands, I recommend one of these

Step 2: Massage a quarter-sized amount of alcohol-free Witch Hazel to damp skin (you can purchase online)

Step 3: While skin is still damp a pea size of this creme to lock and seal in moisture.

Stay safe friends!

- Rene'

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