Winter Skin Quiz:

How to prevent dry, flaking and eczema-flare ups for soft, smooth & glowing skin, naturally.

Should you be exfoliating dry skin?

Should you be exfoliating dry skin?


After reading the answers to the skincare quiz [take it here if you haven't already] skipping, or just not implementing a moisturizing exfoliator (aka moisturizing sugar scrub) as the first step to your skincare routine, you could be seriously missing out.

When you exfoliator with sugar, you can gently remove dull, dry, flaky skin and any moisturizers you apply to your skin-during or after, will soak into your skin all the better.

Think of your skin cells as a car pile up, unless you clear the path you can't get through to the other side-same thing applies to those of use with super dry, flaky, and or eczema skin types.

I know personally, because I used to suffer from severely dry, cracking and eczema flare-ups on my hands in the fall and the winter months too until I applied this method on my own skin.

This customers testimonial of how this process works, and worked for her is amazing!

I'm so grateful for her willingness to be brave, and share her testimonial on video, with her before photo too.

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