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Benefits of Using Oil-Based Skincare for Dry Skin blog by pure and coco

Benefits of Using Oil-Based Skincare for Dry Skin

Topical skincare falls into two major categories: water-based skincare and oil-based skincare.

Benefits of Using Oil-Based Skincare for Dry Skin - oil photo

Water-based Skincare Vs. Oil-based Skincare

Water-based skincare basically means the formulation employs water as the main ingredient to help all the other ingredients pack a punch.  

When it comes to skin types, water-based formulas will often be perfect for oily, combination or teen skin types (mainly due to their shine-free finish).

Oil-based formulas are a popular alternative to their water-based counterparts.

As the name suggests, they contain no water and are made of oils (you can tell which type of product it is by looking at the ingredient label).

While the water-based formulas are lovely and light, the oil-based products are nice and rich, with a texture that will often feel heavier on the skin.

That can take some getting used to.

Benefits of Oil-based Skincare

Oil does not play with all skin types. But if you are troubled with dry, flaky, eczema skin conditions oil-based skincare answers the call!

Benefits of Oil-based Skincare - applying to damp skin post bathing

Benefits of Using Oil-Based Skincare for Dry Skin - woman applying oil based skincare

Dryness & Flaky Skin: For those with dry skin, oils to the rescue! 

Because, they need extra moisture and hydration. 

While our skin naturally produces its own natural lubricant, sebum, to keep it hydrated. 

For some though that amount is just not enough.

Severe dryness and flaky skin are caused when no or less sebum, leaving skin lacking in moisture.

Hydration is really a function of water balance, so oils help retain water in and prevent from stripping water out.

And dry skin often does well to using oil-based moisturizers and avoiding stripping.

Well-formulated oil- based moisturizers increase skin hydration.

These formulas often contains fatty acids like linoleic acid that help trap water trans-epidermal water loss (TWEL) and repair skin barrier function.

Benefits of Using Oil-Based Skincare on face


For example Flora Face & Body Crème from the The Sensitive Dry + Eczema Skin Duo is formulated with  coconut oil, which is scientifically proven to effective against mild to moderate or extremely dry skin (xerosis).

This moisturizer gives an emollient effect, and the skin feels soft and supple instantly.

Eczema: Dry skin may lead to eczema (Atopic dermatitis).

If you are prone to developing one of these conditions or are already a sufferer, applying a rich moisturizer helps replenish moisture and strengthen the barrier against external aggressors that irritate the skin.

The moisturizer in the Flora Face & Body Crème combines coconut oil, mango butter, and vitamin E, which provides an anti-inflammatory effect, and antioxidant protection. 

texture swatches of the face and body creme and moisturizing exfoliator by pure and coco

vanilla and coconut moisturizing exfoliator for dry, eczema skin by pure and coco

Lauric acid, which converts to monolaurin- an antimicrobial agent, helps fight bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens and reduces the chances of infection while preventing worsening of the condition.

This moisturizer helps ease the discomfort linked with eczema and calms the complexion.

Exfoliation is the next non-negotiable step of eczema skin care. 

With Vanilla & Coconut Moisturizing Exfoliator, you can gently yet effectively remove dead skin cells, preventing flareups It also acts as a mild cleanser that doesn't strip.

It melts away buildup and makeup while replenishing moisture.



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