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Is Bar Soap for Dry Skin Germ Central? Facts & Myths Exposed.

Is Bar Soap for Dry Skin Germ Central? Facts & Myths Exposed.

Liquid and bar soaps both effectively wash away germs when used with running water, but did you know some soaps strip the skin of moisture? As an extra bonus, with these tips, you'll learn which types of soap for dry skin are the best at retaining moisture and getting rid of germs.

You've probably felt it from certain soaps, the skin on your hands or body feels tight, dry, itchy, and maybe even red. 

Or worse yet, your eczema flares up from wherever you used the soap.

Who says soap can't moisturize and keep you fresh, and clean?

Oh and in case you didn't know this, hand soaps don't need to be 'anti-bacterial' in order to effectively wash away germs. 

Plain 'ole soap for dry skin and running water (lukewarm water is fine) will be effective and keep your skin clean.

A common thought and myth: "Are there any health risks to using a communal bar of soap in, say, a health club?

No. Bar soap does not appear to transmit disease.

The most rigorous study of this question was published in 1965.

Scientists conducted a series of experiments in which they intentionally contaminated their hands with about five billion bacteria.

The bacteria were disease-causing strains, such as Staph and E. coli.

The scientists then washed their hands with a bar of soap and had a second person wash with the same bar of soap.

They found that bacteria were not transferred to the second user and concluded: “The level of bacteria that may occur on bar soap, even under extreme usage conditions (heavy usage, poorly designed non-drainable soap dishes, etc.) does not constitute a health hazard.”

In 1988, scientists employed by a soap manufacturer confirmed these findings. They inoculated bars of soap with pathogenic bacteria, in this case, E. coli and Pseudomonas, and had 16 subjects wash their hands with the inoculated bars.

After washing, none of the subjects had detectable levels of bacteria on their hands.

They concluded that “little hazard exists in routine hand washing with previously used soap bars.” - sourced via The New York Times

moisturizing bar soaps blog by pure and coco for women's dry, eczema and anti-aging skincare needs

Admittedly I used to think bar soaps were germ-central but alas I was proven wrong--and I'm so glad too because discovering moisturizing bar soaps (and liquid Castile soap versions) has been a game changer for my dry and eczema skin.

Especially when it comes to washing my hands 10 million times a day, the kind of soap your using can be extremely drying.

Castile soaps (in bar form or liquid versions too) contain oils that remoisturize your skin each time you use them, and it still washes away germs.

It's the unicorn of soaps!

Safely wash your hands and bathe with these bar soaps that leave a light, pretty scent on your skin and layer on with your favorite Moisturizing Exfoliators, Face & Body Cremes.

But don't worry, you won't be leaving a trail of your signature scent everywhere you go, think of it as more as a personal scent that you can wear even in "no perfume/cologne" workspaces.

moisturizing bar soaps blog by pure and coco for women's dry, eczema and maturing skincare needs

Learn how to make your own liquid version of these gentle moisturizing soaps in a liquid version here (if bar soaps aren't your thing) but you still want a moisturizing soap.

Bonus, they are better suited for and won't irritate sensitive skin types too.

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