A Healing Body Cream

The winter months are when my hands are under attack. The harsh cold elements, dry heat, and wind all add up to a bad combination for my already eczema-prone skin, which also leads to unwanted premature skin aging.

I already use a body exfoliator (aka Moisturizing Exfoliator) that helps tremendously, but I needed a little extra tender-loving-care.

Originally these cremes were created for my Grandmother (more about that in a bit) but I too needed some extra oomph during the winter.

Applying just a pea-sized amount of the body creme, after showering and lightly pat drying my skin helps. So. Much.

Two times a day is typically all you need, but reapply as needed especially after hand washing when your skin is still damp is best. Test out different ways to see what works best for your skin--some people love using it when their skin is dry, my skin likes it best when it's still damp.

Woman applying a body cream to her hands by Pure & Coco

Okay, here's where my Grandma comes in. These creams were originally created to help my then 91-year-old Grandma with eczema on her hands. She used to wear gloves all the time because she wasn't happy how her skin looked, but after creating these creams and regular, daily use it transformed the look of her skin.

She actually stopped wearing her gloves and showed off her new, healthy glowing 90+-year-old skin on her hands!

Portrait of elderly woman sitting by Pure & Coco

The creams are best used on areas where the skin needs extra moisture to help prevent the signs of aging such as hands, chest, neck, and face.


Just a dab (or a pea-sized amount) is all you need since a little bit goes a long way. 

Use in the morning immediately after showering as a makeup primer and at nighttime before going to bed as a nighttime moisturizer and wake up to healthy, glowing skin.

Check out the line of >> body creams here <<. Bonus, they all work the same simply pick the one that sounds like it smells the best to you.

Vanilla and Lavender body cream by Pure & Coco

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