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8 Easy at home spa day ideas you'll love

We all may have noticed the effects of stress can have on our skin, psoriasis and eczema--these Dermatologists in Florida recommend:
"Tips to Keep Your Skin (and Your Mind) Stress-Free
  • Maintain a good skin care routine every day, even on days when you feel too tired or anxious. If being stressed makes you feel tired, you may not want to take off your makeup and wash your face before bed. But try to stick with your routine anyway, because neglect could worsen your skin issues.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise releases feel-good hormones that will improve your energy, mood, and outlook.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet with whole foods and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Processed and sugar-laden foods trigger more inflammation inside your body.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep gives your body the time it needs to rest and heal, and good sleep improves your mood, energy levels, and cognition.
  • Take time for yourself. Find the time to engage in a relaxing, re-energizing activity that makes you happy – read a book, take a warm bath, get a massage, listen to music, meditate, or practice yoga and deep breathing exercises." article sourced via, fldscc.com/2020/01/23/how-stress-affects-skin/

Below are my 8 favorite and simple tips you can do to have a spa day at home! #amazing

#1 Plan ahead
If you have littles, pets, or needy significant others (kidding--sort of) schedule a day or night on your calendar and set it up on your phone, so you don't forget. Schedule a babysitter, have your significant other take the kiddos out to play, or wait until their asleep in their beds.

#2 Create a spa playlist on Pandora, Spotify or I Heart Radio
Even if you can just barely hear it, music is a great way to calm and soothe the mind and help you release stress

#3 You can't pour from an empty vase...
Okay, I totally heard this from Rachel Hollis' book but it bears repeating. Think of a vase, can you continuously pour from it if it's empty? You are that vase, you need to make mental and physical health a top priority. By taking care of yourself on a regular basis, you can take better care of those you love and care about. Make sense? :)

#4 Stock up on your favorites
Skincare products, 5-in-1 moisturizing exfoliators, bath soaks, face masks, nail polish for mani+pedi tools, jade rollers, and body oils

#5 Keep a stash of special candles
Reserving 1 or more candles that you use exclusively for your spa time will make it feel even more special and feel like a retreat (even at home!)

#6 Keep plants in your bathroom
They make some fantastic looking fake plants (for those of us with black thumbs, although I'm learning low maintenance plants and I can have a healthy relationship-ha!). Plants create a soothing, atmosphere and if you have a variety it'll give your bathroom a vacation vibe, and who doesn't love that?? #me

#7 Pour yourself a drink
Sparkling water, flavored water, champagne, wine, whatever drink feels like a treat to you

#8 Don't... let guilt creep in
Go back to step #3. Seriously.

#9 Splurge on a robe and slippers
If you haven't tried this yet, you need to! It's the little touches that will help make you feel like you're at the spa, with a soft, luxurious robe, and slippers.

Let me know if you try any of these tips. :)

Happy spaaaaah-ing!

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