7 Tips for Dry Skin Relief

7 Tips for Dry Skin Relief

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#1 Always read the ingredients on the back of your products.

A general rule of thumb is: 'if you can't read it don't use it'. Simply put, throw away anything that doesn't have clean and natural ingredients, it's doing more harm than good.

#2 Ingredients are always listed from the highest amount down to the lowest.
You'll want to make sure you stay away from any kind of alcohol or catch-all terms such as, 'fragrance'.

#3 A handy, free app to have on your phone when looking for clean beauty products is called, 'Think Dirty'.
Simply scan the bar code and make an informed decision if a product will be a good fit for your dry skin needs.

#4 Body exfoliators (aka Moisturizing Exfoliators) are a great tool
Depending on your skin's needs and type you can use it every day or just a couple times a week to sweep away dead skin cells, which is key for lotions, oils or any moisturizers to fully absorb into your skin.
Vanilla & Coconut Moisturizing Exfoliator
B U Y  N O W

#5 Whenever possible pick a sugar scrub with a moisturizer built right in
So you can skip needing to lotion up from head-to-toe post-shower! #winning
#6 Always use tepid water when showering

Keep shower times to 5-10 minutes tops and pat dry after showering to keep moisture in your skin. Also lightly pat hands dry after hand washing and rub dry whenever possible.

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#7 Never place bare skin in front of any kind of heat source
Doing so can and will make dry skin symptoms worse. Cover up hands (especially), and chest neck or face whenever the temperature outside drops.
Curious about a body exfoliator that moisturizes and has clean and natural ingredients in it? Choose from these six different scents (don't worry, they all work the same) of the >> body exfoliators here <<. Use once to twice daily for best results.
Tangerine & Coconut Moisturizing Exfoliator
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