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Aloha Skincare Regimen Set - 9.95 oz

Aloha Skincare Regimen Set - 9.95 oz

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This simplified yet effective skincare regimen is designed to work together to provide the ultimate care for dry, eczema & maturing skin of women in their 40s and beyond. 


This three-step set includes a 5-in-1 moisturizing exfoliator, a 6-in-1 face & body creme, and a moisturizing lip balm to complete the skincare routine for ultimate care. 


Step 1

5-in-1 Moisturizing Exfoliator: This multitasker works as face wash, exfoliator, makeup & waterproof mascara remover, moisturizer, and shaving oil in your skincare routine. 

A perfect anti-inflammatory skincare routine for someone with eczema would start with a gentle cleanser that doesn't dry the skin. 5-in-1 Moisturizing Exfoliator melts away build-up and makeup while replenishing moisture to the skin. The mild exfoliation due to tiny cane sugar granules is highly beneficial. It gently removes the dull, dead, flaky skin surface and reveals healthy new skin hidden beneath, in turn, preventing flareups. 

Step 2

6-in-1 Face & Body Crème: A total face care moisturizing treatment. It acts as a daytime moisturizer, nighttime moisturizer, eye cream, neck treatment, chest or decolletage care, and hand cream. 

Moisturization is the most vital part of an eczema sufferer's skincare routine. Moisturizer helps restore the integrity of the skin barrier. 6-in-1 Moisturizing Crème with rich emollient effect and cocoon texture due to coconut oil forms a breathable protective film to reduce the loss of water from the outermost layer of the skin and seal in moisture. It also helps reinforce the barrier against external aggressors that can irritate the skin.


Step 3

Moisturizing Lip Balm: Lip eczema is often treatable with a moisturizing lip balm. Keep your lips moist with PURE & COCO Moisturizing lip balm. It has a rich, creamy texture that glides smoothly while creating a protective barrier between the lips and the environment for deep hydration and protection. It also soothes dry, chapped, and cracked lips. 

The results are a soft, supple, hydrated, and healthy-looking complexion with a youthful glow. All three formulations are hundred percent natural and vegan, made with plant-derived ingredients to transform eczema skin naturally with daily use. 

All our products are also dermatologist-approved for daily use on the face and body. These products leave no greasy residue or rubbery after feeling, giving the skin great comfort.

Each formula contains soothing, essential oils to calm the complexion and senses.


Three-Step Skin Care Routine

  1. Start with 5-in 1-Moisturizing Exfoliator. Apply as needed and gently massage onto skin with water on the face & whole body, rinse with lukewarm water, and pat dry for long-last hydration.
  2. Follow up with 6-in-1 Moisturizing Crème. Smooth over the face, eyes, neck, chest décolletage, and hands to lock and seal in moisture all day long.
  3. Swipe onto lips for quick, long-lasting hydration and relief.
  4. Use in the morning and evening daily or whenever skin needs an extra boost of hydration.

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