6-in-1 Flora Face & Body Crème



Tired of using lots of different creams, to solve only one specific problem--what if you could use one creme 6 ways? See results from dry, eczema, maturing skin for face & body naturally created from vegan ingredients.


Use this creme these 6 different ways!

  1. Daytime Moisturizer
  2. Nighttime Moisturizer
  3. Eye Creme
  4. Neck, chest & decolletage creme
  5. Hand Creme
  6. Naturally plumps & fills fine lines



Dab a pea size onto skin daily to help repair and strengthen the skin. Safe to use on the face and whole body.


Lightly scented with Vanilla and Lavender essential oils.


Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Non-Comedogenic formula and Dermatologist approved. 


Each jar is 4 oz each.