• Scent Free Lip Balm
  • Scent Free Lip Balm
  • Woman applying a lip balm on her lips

Scent Free Lip Balm


  • Fast absorbing moisturizers for dry, chapped and cracked lips
  • Organic virgin coconut oil (cold pressed and unrefined), and candelilla wax provides a protective barrier against the elements and seals in moisture for hours
  • Perfect for travel, the office, and home
  • Glides on thick and smooth for a subtle glossy finish (not oily feeling)
  • Forms a protective barrier on the lips surface to help repel liquids (holds up through eating and drinking) without needing to constantly reapply
  • Scents are derived from essential oils only, never any fragrances, or alcohols
  • Unscented, Pure Coconut Lip Balm

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