Skin Care Tips


  • Are Bar Soaps Germ Central? Facts & Myths Exposed.

    Liquid and bar soaps both effectively wash away germs when used with running water, but did you know some soaps strip the skin of moisture?  You've probably felt it from certain soaps, the skin on your hands or body feels tight, dry, itchy and maybe even red. Or worse yet, your eczema flares up ... View Post
  • What is the best eczema creme for my face & body?

    I've had eczema ever since I can remember and flare ups would always happen in the Winter months. The skin on my hands in particular would become dry, red, itchy, flake, crack and then bleed. Can you say embarrassing? And don't get me started on that itch--I would have given my right arm to get r... View Post
  • Dry Hands From All The Hand Washing? These Tips Will Help.

    How to stop and prevent your skin from becoming dry, itchy, flaking or cracking during the emphasis on extra hand washing during the COVID-19 crisis. View Post