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Natural Seasonal Allergies Relief That Works Fast

Natural Seasonal Allergies Relief That Works Fast

Some links shown are affiliate links and I get paid a small commission. These are the products I personally use for my seasonal allergies.

Are you like me and suffer from seasonal allergies? My allergies have been getting worse and worse over the year (especially the last 5+ years) to the point of having such severe allergy attacks, my face would swell up, and become red, and my mouth and throat would itch, causing my throat to feel tight. It was scary.

woman holding a bouquet of flowers with seasonal allergies by pure and coco

For years I've been switching from one brand of allergy medication to another, oftentimes double or even tripling up on allergy remedies. Allergy pill in the morning, Flonase, and a special OTC eye drop, that I'd use up to 10x within an hour and still want to rip out my eyeballs. #0/10starsdonotrecommend.

Natural seasonal allergy relief by pure and coco

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I recently heard on a podcast about how essential oils, and how they are God-made (can't get more natural or organic than that) can help relieve seasonal allergies searching for natural seasonal allergies relief because I was desperate.

Two months and counting of not having to deal, with or suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms using these essential oils for natural seasonal allergies have been a lifesaver.

Update: This natural seasonal allergies relief system using the essential oils listed below has been a total game-changer for my allergies.

essential oils for natural seasonal allergy reliefessential oils blend for natural seasonal allergy relief by pure and coco

I'm so glad I did because of this last month of not dealing with obnoxious, miserable symptoms and being able to go on walks outside with my kids and my niece's upcoming outdoor wedding without fear of a full-on allergy attack from h-e-l-l.

natural seasonal allergy relief blog by pure and cocoSeasonal allergies natural relief blog by pure and coco

I researched some blogs, and watched some youtube videos on which essential oils to use, which helped give insight but left me to wonder how do I apply them... or better yet where??

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Personally, I've found using a roller ball with this blend of essential oils you can purchase on Amazon, (I keep one in my bathroom drawer and another in my purse for any time I'm out and about) with a carrier oil of your choice.


I prefer this Vitamin E carrier oil because it absorbs quickly into the skin, and your skin will benefit from the extra vitamins too. #winwin


The result is immediate allergy relief even from severe seasonal allergies (note, I'm not a doctor and this is my own personal experience). It's incredible to feel normal during the spring, without incessant sneezing, itchy watery eyes, runny nose, and itchy mouth and throat.

Another quick tip, use those same essential oils in this diffuser (it runs all day long without needing to refill) to fill your house with these oils or better yet stick it near your computer to breathe in.

diffuser of essential oils for natural seasonal allergy relief


Disclaimers: This blog is my own personal experience and in no way meant to diagnose or replace your doctor's advice. Use at your own discretion.

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